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Frequently Asked Questions - Painting

How do I select the right exterior color?

There is a lot more that goes into selecting your paint colors, aside from just what your favorite color is. Generally, you select three colors: field or main, trim and accent. Obviously, they should work cohesively together but must also pair well with details like the fixed colors - existing stonework, bricks, stained wood, etc.or community restrictions about the color choices that you make.

Are light colors better than dark colors or is it the opposite?

Both light and dark colors have their pros and cons. For instance, lighter hues tend to make a smaller house seem larger and help keep the home cooler in warmer climates. Dark colors can have the opposite effect but can help your home retain the heat of the sun in cooler climates. Light colors also tend to weather better and last longer.

Is your painting company licensed and insured?

Yes, we are both licensed and insured.

How long will it take to paint my home?

In most cases, our projects are completed in a week or less. Especially large projects and inclement weather can add additional time.

Most frequent questions - Customers

How much will it cost to paint my home?

Every home is different. The differences in the amount of footage, surfaces being painted, type of paint, amount of prep work, and other factors make this question impossible to answer accurately without seeing your project.

How will you protect my home?

We use many different types of protective coverings (drop cloths, plastic, tape, etc.) to achieve the best possible protection for all of the surfaces in your home.

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely. We guarantee all of our customers a finished painting project free of defects of labor. You will have the opportunity to inspect and approve all areas we attended to prior to project completion.

Do you provide touch up paint?

Yes, we leave paint for the home owners on every project.



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